Dr. Mrunal Gawade - PhD Computer Science


Founder - Science Park Creatives (Oct 2015 - Present)

Science Park Creatives is a community platform to bring together students, artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs with a focus on innovative mindset creation with entrepreneurial opportunities. Based in Amsterdam Science Park with worldwide collaborations and global ambitions the platform has more than 310 members and is growing day by day.

Join us on Facebook and grow with us.

Founder & CEO - HOLOFIL - A startup in 3D visualization. (Feb 2018 - Present)

A device to show case 3D visualizations to help create better brand awareness and user experiences. Feel the 3D visualizations and user experience possibilities on our website.

Founder & CEO - SHYPEZI - A peer to peer shipping Internet platform product to help travelers make money and consumers get affordable shipping. (Aug 2016 - Jan 2018)

Search and connect with a traveler nearby who is willing to offer to carry out shipping for a small fee. Check us out and join the platform to help to spread it. In the beta mode you can join by invitation only using an email. So please contact us at contact@shypezi.com with your email to invite you to join.

The product was developed in stealth mode from Aug 2016 till Dec 2017, Did a pre-beta release in Oct-2017, then a beta release in Dec 2017, had 300 beta users, and then paused in Jan 2018 to focus on HOLOFIL completely.


I finished my PhD from Database Architectures group from CWI, Amsterdam in Computer Science. My thesis explores multi-core CPU query parallelization in Column store database architectures. I have a deep expertise in open-source MonetDB column store, a product of CWI, database group. This group is known for its pioneering research in MonetDB column-store database architecture and data management.




CWI, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (2012-2016)

University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC), California, USA (2007-2009)

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT), Pune, India (2000-2004)

Research interest - CPU architectures, Columnar Database Systems, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Technology for Socio-Economic development (ICT4D).

3D visualization, 3D animation, product design, display systems

External reviewer - SIGMOD 2016, VLDB 2014, SIGMOD 2014, EUROSYS 2013, ICDE 2013.



I am a professional photographer and doing photography since 2004 and have photographed cultures across 4 continents (Australia, Asia, Europe, North America).

You can view my portfolio here - https://mrunalgawade.wixsite.com/mrunal-photography

I am also available at the photography platform https://truefie.com/en-NL/photographer/mrunal-gawade

"The World Collage" is a photo-book designed and created by me with a theme of juxtaposition of cultures with a focus on socio-economic stories. The book was published using crowd-funding on Indiegogo platform in October 2015 where more than 100 copies were distributed to around 130 contributors to raise around $4000. You can browse through the campaign and order the book here.

Download the ebook here.


I was an active singer during high school days. Having learned guitar for around 4 years, now I am revisiting my music skills after a long gap and recording audio / video cover songs in different voice modulation ranges. Check my musician related skills on my YouTube channel.