Ideas do not matter unless they are presented to a wider audience.

Presenting your work in a simplistic manner holds the key to making your ideas understandable. These are my various talks presenting different ideas that I have been working on. Please click on the title of the talk to download the presentation.

PhD Defense Talk- AULA, University of Amsterdam , Amsterdam, Netherlands - 15th Feb 2017

Multi-core column store parallelization under concurrent workload. - Data Management on Modern Hardware (DaMoN 2016), SIGMOD, San Fransisco, USA, June 2016

TEDx pitch talk on "Accelerating creativity on academic campuses". - Amsterdam University College.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Feb 2016

Adaptive query parallelization in multi-core column stores - Extended Database Technology (EDBT) conference

Bordeaux, France, March 2016

Crowd-funding - The World Collage - Centrum Wiskunde and Informatica. - Amsterdam, Netherlands , Nov 2015

Is Scientific Research Fun? - High School Metis Montessori Lyceum. - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Nov 2015

NUMA oblviousness through memory mapping - Data Management on Modern Hardware (DaMoN 2015), SIGMOD.

Melbourne, Australia, June 2015

Adaptive parallelization - Dutch Belgian Database Day (DBDBD) - Rotterdam, Netherlands - November 2013

Tomograph: highlighting query parallelism in a multi-core system - DBTest workshop at SIGMOD. New York, USA, June 2013

Stethoscope Graphical User Interface - Demo talk for Very Large Data Bas(es (VLDB) conference. - Istanbul, Turkey

August 2012

Robotics and Linux - Robotics workshop at Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT). Pune, India August 2011