I mostly sing Indian songs as that is what I have been listening to, though I am out of touch with latest music. I am not much exposed to western music due to lack of time, though I would love to do so.

I have good musical ear, and I have resumed singing and playing guitar again after almost a gap of 8 years (since 2007). My voice can modulate between low and high pitch with quite an ease, so my song choice reflects that. I especially like songs that are with a good tempo as it suits while singing and playing guitar, to bring happy feelings :)

I am highly interested in music + tech aligned problems. I have setup a small home recording studio setup with Focusrite device setup along with a steel string guitar. For the difference in quality, you can check the "I love you" and "Woh Pehli Baar" video songs below, that were recorded with a normal Laptop web-cam and mic, and then the "Chaha tuze hai" video song, that is recorded using the home studio setup and HD webcam.

Recording studio setup - Focusrite studio kit. Some selected songs are below.