Social activism & volunteering

"I want to improve the world, and I want to smell good while doing it " - Adam Rifkin.

Kindness, compassion, and eternal optimism while giving away hope to help underprivileged sections of society, will go a long way in creating a bright future for all of us. I have been passionate about using technology for bringing socio-economic changes. I have been actively involved in various causes to make this world a better place.

  • Creating awareness in Design school in Italy with respect to best internship practices in lieu with an unfortunate incidence with respect to internship of a design student to increase awareness.
  • Mentoring students for Science Park Creatives initiative for various projects and thesis related topics.
  • Creating awareness about the Amsterdam Science Park campus by giving tours and talks to the interested visitor groups and entrepreneurs.
  • Creating awareness in the Amsterdam companies about improved hiring practices for detecting frauds and scams.
  • Creating awareness about a great initiative to rehabilitate children of Indian farmers, who have committed suicide.
  • Chennai, India flood relief crowd-funding face-book awareness (2015).
  • Save Indian Farmers from Suicide campaign - Crowdfunding donations marketing (2015).
  • Civic society awareness in Pune, India, by bringing together people in housing society for repairing a road during rainy season (2010).
  • Civic society awareness in Pune, India, to fight against corruption in Indian bureaucratic settings, such as property registration (2010).
  • Right To Information (RTI) act awareness in housing society members in Pune, India, to fight against corruption in municipality (2010).
  • Conservation of energy by changing light up and down times based on weather patterns, at student housing and CWI, in Amsterdam, Netherlands (2013).
  • Worked towards lowering pedestrian beeper noise at newly installed traffic lights at student housing in Amsterdam, Netherlands (2013).
  • Social media campaigner for Member of Parliament (MP) candidate Mr. Arun Bhatia in 2009 Indian General Elections (2009).
  • Member of NGO, Nirman, Pune, India, which works in the area of youth empowerment and rural awareness (2010).
  • Member of TreeLabs an idea incubator at IIT Mumbai, India, for discussing / acting on social enterprise related issues.
  • Consultant to, a Gov.2.0 company trying to bring technology for civic issue resolutions (2010).
  • Facebook post campaigner to create awareness about improving the socio-economic situations in India.
  • Active blogger targeting interesting ideas for socio-economic progress with technology.