Photography / videography

"An image is worth a thousand words".  

I believe in the power of the photojournalism, and would like my photographs to question the socio-economic issues facing humanity. Your motivation, support, and contribution will go a long way in progressing me towards a mature photographer, to create better stories.  Check my crowd-funding campaign to publish my photo-book "The world collage" here. You can still order the book. 

Download the ebook here

I am a professional photographer and my portfolio can be seen here - 

A new photo-project showcasing the beauty of Devgad in the Konkan region of India is here 

A new photo-project showcasing the majestic landscapes of Maharashtra state in India is here 

Youtube channel "Mrunal's explorations"

In July 2021 I launched my Youtube channel  "Mrunal's Explorations" to focus on Tourism promotion of India with a focus of Devgad in Konkan, and also other explorations from my world wide travels. In Aug 2023 I started with a launch of a series of 2 min cinematic drone video coverage of Devgad landscapes to promote Devgad tourism to bring Indian landscapes to the International community. Check the channel videos (2 videos below) and subscribe to get new uploads every 2 weeks with cinematic drone footage. 

Check the content below starting with these two videos and subscribe to get latest updates and like and share.  

Cameras I have used.

1. Canon S2 IS point and shoot 12x optical zoom - 2005 to 2009. 

2. Canon Rebel XSI, 18-55, 55-250, 50 mm Lenses, Circular Polarizer, UV filter.  - 2009 to June 2016

 3. Canon EOS 5D mark III, 24-70 USM I F2.8, 70-200 USM II IS F2.8, circular polarizer, UV filter.  - June 2016 on-wards.             

4. I have recently started with Drone photography and videography. I am using DJI Spark HD resolution drone (2017). See cinematic videos on my Youtube channel