"An image is worth a thousand words".

I believe in the power of the photojournalism, and would like my photographs to question the socio-economic issues facing humanity. Your motivation, support, and contribution will go a long way in progressing me towards a mature photographer, to create better stories. Check my crowd-funding campaign to publish my photo-book "The world collage" here. You can still order the book.

Download the ebook here.

I am a professional photographer and my portfolio can be seen here -

A new photo-project showcasing the beauty of Devgad in the Konkan region of India is here

A new photo-project showcasing the majestic landscapes of Maharashtra state in India is here

Cameras I have used.

1. Canon S2 IS point and shoot 12x optical zoom - 2005 to 2009.

2. Canon Rebel XSI, 18-55, 55-250, 50 mm Lenses, Circular Polarizer, UV filter. - 2009 to June 2016

3. Canon EOS 5D mark III, 24-70 USM I F2.8, 70-200 USM II IS F2.8, circular polarizer, UV filter. - June 2016 on-wards.